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Make It Easy – Post Your Ad

In fulfiment of our Terms of Servics, we’ve made available a details guild for our users.
This content is a step-to-step walk-through on how you can post your ad without having to wait to contact our support.
Below are the steps you need to follow to successful submit your ads for approval
This is the name and Model of your Adverts (example: Infinix Note 10 Pro).
Click Box below to add photos:
This is where you upload your Advert images/photos to, you can upload up to 4 photos on a single ad by tapping on empty space area in the box.
Ad Detail:
Under this section is the ad description box where you can give brief and detail description about your Advert (list or writes out the features or functions of your ads).
Price Type:
Click on the drop down to select your price type from (fixed, Negotiable, Price on call, Auction or Free) you’re advice not to click on the “No Price” option if you’re exchanging and not selling.
This is where you type your price (example; 60000) Note! Only type numbers in this box and do not put space.
Select Currency:
Sell/Buy is a Nigeria Classified base marketplace and Naira (N) has been selected for you by default.
Tags are optional but advicable for your ads to go a long way. You just need to use tags relating to your ads.
Type of Ad:
Click on this and select the best option that suit you from (Sell, Buy, Exchange)
Item Condition:
Select if your item is New or Used.
Select to let your clients see if your ads or product has a warrant or not. (YES or NO).
YouTube Video Link.
Do you have a Youtube video that best describe your ads/products? If yes, paste your Youtube Video link in this box, Not Channels link
Make it Featured:
Click this box if yes or leave it empty. Every new users has access to 1 Featured ads and 50 simple Ads default. If you wish to increase your Featured Ad then do well to select one of our Premium Package , Featured Ads has 700% more view presences than normal Ad, this is advisable for fast sales.
Please chose the category and Sub Category that best suit your Ad to aviod ‘Ad Rejection‘ When you select your category, the sub-category box will open under and you will be able to chose your Primary category.
Your Name:
Type your name or Business name.
Phone number:
Type your correct Phone number.
Type your address with street number, City, state (example; 74, Obasan street, Ikeja, Lagos) and chose the best Map direction on the address pop-up.
You don’t need this, just leave them untouch and Submit your ad
You do not need this as well, they both work with the Map.
You’re advice not to edit both the Latitute and Longtitue.
Click on Submit.
The Admin team will review your ad and Approve or Reject it, either way, we will send you a mail on the status of your Ads.
We encourage you to also read through our guild on how SELL/BUY Works