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Billing Policy
1. You can use any of the Premium Packages provided by SELL/BUY as a tools to promote your goods or services and attract more potential clients and users.
2. SELL/BUY offers Premium Packages such as Auto Mobile and Property Plan, Standard Boost Plan for mobile phones and Electronics and Others Boost Plan which deals with other categories Ads. This Premium Packages plan will allow your ads to be listed on all pages of a Colum, a product section, or Location with the FEATURED AD label to make it Special for buyers.
For detailed information on the price, payment methods, Ads duration and other conditions of our Premium Packages, please visit the Premium Packages Page
3. To make use of our premium services on this website, you should  visit our Available Packages or select your preferred premium package while creating your ad on the ‘Post your ad’ page.
4. When making your premium package request, you will have the option to chose your payment method, for now, we only have the pay by card and bank transfer option. You will be immediately redirected to the payment page of a relevant payment processor. We can assure you that all data entered during the payment process will be fully secured. SELL/BUY will only receive information that relates to payment only.
5. SELL/BUY reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the premium packages features, fees and the payment method from time to time without notice.
6. All Premium packages users should note that ‘any fee paid for premium packages are non-refundable due to the nature of online service.
7. Please you must acknowledged and agree that SELL/BUY will not make any prorated refunds in the cause of your Ads violates our Terms of Service and if your Ad is removed on our website or when you deactivate your running Ads by yourself.
8. The least validity period of all Premium packages is 30days from the date of activating the Premium service.
9. You acknowledged and agree that if by any way you fail to use your Premium package during the service period, you will have neither the right to initiate or use such Premium Package nor any right to request for refund, compensation or replacement.
10. At SELL/BUY, our Premium packages are not auto-renewal base led, therefore you should manually renew the validity period of your Ads if need be.
11. Please be aware that we do not guarantee or gives assurance of whatsoever the results of the Premium Packages Services and we will not be held liable if they do not meet your expectations.
For any issues or questions concerning our Premium packages, please use our contact us page to reach us and we will respond to your message or send us a direct email at